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The largest variety of gachapon available!

Cute & Fun Moments

Gachapon are known for some of the cutest and funniest toys you’ll ever find.  This pulling, stubborn Shiba Inu says it all! #stubbornshiba #gachapon


Gacha-Gacha is available for many different anime and manga series.  From mainstream Shonen such as Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and Haikyu!! to popular light novel series such as SPY x FAMILY and Re:Zero – you are bound to find something you have come across before!

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Your mom n’ pop Gacha shop!

All of our Gachapon are 100% direct from Japan.  We’re based in Phoenix, Arizona so we can ship you your Gachapon quickly! Follow us to stay up to date on promos, new releases, and pop-up event dates

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Will I receive a set by just ordering one?
Answer:  When you choose one quantity of gachapon at checkout, you are receiving one gachapon.

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