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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gacha-Gacha?
Gacha-Gacha is an onomatopoeia (sound) that a Gacha machine makes.  But it also refers to a type of activity that involves a chance of luck with Gachapon toys (Japanese Capsule Toys).  You can find Gacha-Gacha all over Japan such as street alleys, storefronts, and even at the airport!  You’ll find Gacha-Gacha especially in Akihabara Tokyo, the Japanese mecca for amusement and entertainment.

How does it work?
First pick the collection you are interested in.  Next, insert the amount of coins needed. Lastly, turn the handle and Gacha-Gacha-Pon!  Your gachapon is dispensed and waiting for you.

The game of chance comes into play when you’re aiming for a specific gachapon from the collection.  It is truly random as it all depends on the gachapon available in the machine.  It is very similar to a ‘blind box’ and a very fun and joyful experience to test your chance of luck.

The Gacha x2 Online Store works similarly like Gacha-Gacha in person. Our ordering systems and procedure will handle the random pick for you just like Gacha-Gacha in person.  We quite literally have to turn the Gacha machine handle!  You won’t know what you’ll receive (and we won’t either!) until it is packed, and then shipped and received to you.

In case you were wondering, we also showcase Gacha x2 in person with actual Gacha machines at events – and lots of them!  We stuff our exhibit booth with as many Gacha machines as possible and everyone absolutely loves it!  You can normally find us at Japanese fairs, Anime conventions, Toy conventions, and Night Market events.  We will post event info on our Instagram page when an event is coming up.

How many gachapon will I receive when placing an order for one?
It is one gachapon per quantity ordered.

Are all of your Gachapon from Japan?

Yep!  Every. Single. One.  We do not unpack, modify, and/or otherwise mishandle any Gachapon.  Every order comes with the capsule and everything inside of it, directly from the manufacturer.  We also go into further length by stocking Gacha machines with capsules and turning them for each order received.  It is a true, genuine Gacha experience.

How often do you stock newly released gachapon?
We stock newly released gachapon approximately once a month.  There will be times where new stock may arrive earlier than usual.

How long should I expect my order to be received?
Handling generally takes up to 1 full day.  Shipping generally takes 1-3 business days.  You should expect your order to be delivered to your door within 2-4 days, depending on your region.   

I didn’t get the gacha I wanted..  What is your return/exchange policy?
Since gachapon is “blind box” there are absolutely no exchanges and no returns to our store.  Your gachapon are selected directly from our Gachapon machines.  When you place an order with us, your Gachapon is selected directly from turning the handle from the Gacha machine.  We cannot guarantee that you won’t receive duplicates.  In case your Gachapon is received as damaged, further information regarding warranty of your item(s) can be found here.

For other items other than gachapon, unless specified, returns/exchanges are accepted as long as it is in brand new condition.

Please help!  I received my package but am missing gachapon.
For any orders that may be missing gachapon upon arrival, you must contact us within 5 calendar days to confirm and you must submit a picture of all of your gachapon.  We will check our inventory in our system and do a physical hand count to to confirm.  Any order support for missing items beyond 5 days is hardly ever accepted and is subject to strict review.  We are a small operation; we take every single gachapon accounted for and we take lost claims extremely seriously.  Should there be a slim chance that your missing gachapon has sold out within our 5 calendar day policy, we will refund you the difference.

My gachapon is broken.  How can I make a claim?
Any orders with a claim for broken gachapon on arrival will be under strict review.  This includes the capsule that you receive.  We take these claims very seriously.  If you see a broken gachapon, please take a picture of it immediately and send us the details.  Further information regarding warranty of your item can be found here.

The gachapon that I really wanted sold out before I even saw it coming.  What gives?  And will you restock it?
We encourage you to follow our Instagram @gacha.x2 to stay up to date with new releases that we know will help you get the opportunity.  Once a specific gachapon collection is sold out, it’s very unlikely that we’ll have it back in stock.  However, we have seen some cases where a series got re-released but this is extremely rare and for reasons unknown to us.

Your store has so many cool things, but something I really wanted in particular isn’t there.
We want to hear your feedback!  Let us know what you’re looking for by contacting us and we’ll check to see if it’s scheduled for release.

Will I still see you at conventions, shows, and events with what’s happening now?

Once the whole COVID-19 situation is under control, we’ll start posting our event schedule.

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