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Demon Slayer Chara Bancho Can Badge 3


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The latest in the Bancho series is the Demon Slayer Chara Bancho can badge that comes with two characters!  The Bancho series is a very popular chiba character art design and is very sought after!  It is 50mm in size!! 

 Rare appearance for some characters!!

A, Tanjiro+Zenitsu+Inosuke
B, Tanjiro+Nezuko
C, Tanjiro+Urokodaki+Nezuko
D, Zenitsu(black hair)+Kuwajima Goro
E, Giyu+Tanjiro
F, Kanao+Shibnobu
G, Tanjiro+Aoi
H, Haganezuka+Tanjiro
I, Tanjiro+Genya
J, Muichiro+Kyojuro
K, Tengen+Gyomei
L, Sanemi+Nezuko

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