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Street Fighter II Zangief


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A very special rare set: Street Fighter II Zangief series!  He is seen doing his iconic special moves, and in either 1P Red or 2P Green colors 😄

Fun Fact:  Zangief is Ono’s main character in “Hi Score Girl” 

Spinning Piledriver (SPD), pen holder, 1P Red
Spinning Piledriver (SPD), pen holder, 2P Green
Double Lariat, cord reel, 1P Red
Double Lariat, cord reel, 2P Green
You Win Celebration, multi-holder, 1P Red
You Win Celebration, multi-holder. 2P Green
Endgame Hopak Dance, smartphone stand, 1P Red
Endgame Hopak Dance, smartphone stand, 2P Green

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